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Flu Vaccination update

We are currently booking flu vaccination appointments for patients aged over 75 in a clinic on Saturday 9th October. We have worked through our lists of patients in this age group but are conscious that we have been unable to reach some patients. If you or a friend/family member are in this age category and have not yet heard from us, please call the Health Centre on 01349 863034 to book an appointment for Saturday.

We will continue to contact further groups of patients as we book further clinics - if you are under 75, please do not call us regarding flu vaccines at this time.

Thank you

Flu Vaccinations 2021

We are currently awaiting a decision from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) as to whether COVID boosters will be administered alongside flu vaccinations this year. While awaiting this, preparations for our flu clinics are under-way in the practice and we anticipate being able to start vaccinating towards the end of October.

Please do not phone the Health Centre regarding flu vaccinations, we will be in touch with you directly when you are due to be called. If you need to update your contact details with us, please do so via our online form:

Infection Control and Physical Distancing in General Practices from 19th July 2021

Infection Control and Physical Distancing in General Practices from 19.07.2021

Maggie's Highlands Update

Maggies Highlands June21 pg1

Maggies Highlands June21 pg2

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 23/06/2021

We are now booking COVID vaccination appointments for those aged 18-39. We have appointments available on the following dates:

Saturday 10th July
Saturday 24th July

Please call us within the next 2 weeks on 01349 869956 or 07803 596071 to book into one of these clinics - these lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Please note that these telephone numbers are strictly for booking COVID vaccination appointments.

Right Care Right Place

Right Care Right Place - June21 pg1

Right Care Right Place - June21 pg2

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 17/06/2021

We are now booking COVID vaccination appointments for those aged 18-39. Our clinics will be on the following dates:

Saturday 26th June

Saturday 10th July

Saturday 24th July

Please call us on 01349 869956 or 07803 596071 to book into one of these clinics. Please note that these telephone numbers are strictly for booking COVID vaccination appointments.

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 02/06/2021

We are in the process of sending letters to our patients aged 40-49 (must have turned 40 by 31.03.2021) who have not yet been for their first COVID vaccination or who we have been unable to contact.

If you fall into this age group, please call the Health Centre on 01349 863034 to book into our clinic on the evening of Thursday 10th June.

We will be in contact with further age groups as vaccine supply allows.

COVID VACCINATIONS Patients aged 40 to 49 - Update 26/05/2021

If you are in this age group could you please read the information leaflet via the link below prior to attending for your COVID vaccination appointment.


COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Information Leaflet

Mental Health resources for young people

Here is a link to a useful collection of mental health resources for children/adolescents:

Padlet - Mental Health resources for young people

Highland Sexual Health New Teen Live Chat

For further information and to access the live chat function visit:

Highland Sexual Health Poster - Teen Live Chat

The way we access urgent care has changed

For further information visit:

Right Care Right Place Poster

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 13/04/2021

If you are aged over 18 and live with another adult who is severely immunosuppressed, you are now due a COVID vaccination. Please contact the Health Centre on 01349 863034 if you fall into this category and have not yet been vaccinated.

We are also able to offer a vaccine to all patients aged over 50 (turned 50 before 31/03/2021). If you fall into this age category and have not yet been vaccinated, please contact us.

Community Link Workers Service

Community Link Worker Flyer

Link to Register:

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 31/03/2021

We are now vaccinating all patients aged over 50. If you are in this age group and have not yet heard from us, please call the Health Centre on 01349 863034 to arrange an appointment for Friday 2nd April.
Many thanks

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 25/03/2021

We would like to issue a reminder that we are running a clinic on Saturday 27th March to give our patients aged over 80 their second COVID vaccination dose. 

Please pass this reminder on to any family, neighbours or friends in this age category.

We are continuing to work hard to organise and run COVID vaccination clinics for first doses for our patients aged over 50.  We will be in touch with anyone still to be vaccinated in due course.

Vaccinating Carers - Register for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine as a carer

If you care for someone due to old age, physical or mental illness, disability or for an addiction you may be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine now.

Find out more online at

or call 0800 030 8013

Vaccinating Carers

The Cancer Support Worker Service Leaflet

Cancer Support Worker Service Leaflet pg1

Cancer Support Worker Service Leaflet pg2

Macmillan Community Nursing Service Leaflet

Macmillan Community Nursing Services Leaflet pg1

Macmillan Community Nursing Services Leaflet pg2

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 03/03/2021

Please be aware that we continue to work extremely hard to organise, book and carry out vaccination clinics, as vaccine supply allows.


We are currently contacting those aged 65-69 and those who are in a clinical risk group to invite them for vaccination. We anticipate that we will be able to call all of these groups within the next two weeks, if we get the vaccines as planned.


Please understand that any delay in you receiving an appointment for your vaccination is because we haven't had the supplies for your age group delivered to the practice.


Thank you for your patience.

It's ok to say that you're not ok!

This poster has been produced by Fortrose Academy S5 pupil Tilly Grist, in conjunction with the Wellbeing in the Black Isle partnership (Partner logos below)

Supporting and promoting the important message – It’s ok to say that you’re not ok!

Its ok to say that youre not ok

Partner Logos

Dental Helpline Number

Change to NHSH Dental Helpline Number
With immediate effect the NHS Highland Dental Helpline number has changed to 
0800 141 2362 
The helpline is for those who are not registered with a dentist and wish to access emergency dental care or are seeking advice on how they might register with a dentist.

Hepatitis C - Get Tested

For further information visit:

Hep C Poster

COVID VACCINATIONS - Update 29/01/2021

If you are, or know someone, aged 80 or over who has not yet had their FIRST Covid vaccination but wish to have it, please contact the Health Centre on 01349 863034.  This applies to this age group ONLY.

We continue to work hard to prepare and carry out vaccination clinics for other age groups and we will be in touch with you individually when your patient group is due to be vaccinated; unfortunately this might be with short notice.
Many thanks for your patience and understanding.
All at Dingwall Medical Group


Dear patients, 

We will start vaccinating patients with the COVID-19 vaccine soon. 

The vaccination clinics will be carried out at weekends in the practice. This requires a lot of additional planning and organisation on our side.

Could we please ask that you do not contact us regarding COVID vaccination appointments.  We will be in touch with you individually when your patient group is due to be vaccinated; unfortunately this might also be with short notice. 

We, as a practice, greatly appreciate your understanding and help in these difficult times. 

Thank you very much 

All staff at Dingwall Medical Group 

Breast Screening Invitations

Breast Screening

Phase 2 of the flu vaccination programme

Patients aged 60-64 years (by 31/03/2021) are now eligible for the seasonal flu vaccination.  Please contact the Health Centre on 01349 863034 to book an appointment.  If you do not wish to have a flu injection, please let us know so we can update your record.

Patients Aged 65 or over (by 31/03/2021) still due Seasonal Flu vaccination

If you have not yet received your flu injection and wish to have it, please call the Health Centre on 01349 863034 to book an appointment.  If you do not wish to have a flu injection, please let us know so we can update your record.

Highland Smoke Free Service

Smoke free service

National Wellbeing Hub

The National Wellbeing Hub has lots of resources that can help health and social care staff and unpaid carers combat stress and improve wellbeing. 

To find out more visit:

National Wellbeing Hub

* Patient Notice *

Please be aware that due to COVID-19 our waiting room windows shall be open to ensure the area is well ventilated.

Can you please make sure you wear appropriate clothing as the waiting room may feel colder than usual. 


Thank you for your understanding.

Epilepsy Scotland Check-in Service  


For further information please visit:

Epilepsy Scotland Check-In Service

Mikeysline - New Textline Number

For those looking for support please use the NEW TEXTLINE NUMBER - 07786 207755.

You can now also contact them in the evening using Live Chat, Twitter or Messenger via

Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 6pm - 10pm / 7pm - 7am Fri & Sat.

The Hive Drop-in Centre is open for 1-2-1 support Sun to Thurs 6pm - 10pm and until 11pm on Fri/Sat.

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone if you need some support for a bereavement.

NEW Freephone number: 0808 802 6161

Their webchat service is also available via their website:

Routine cervical screening is resuming from September


Patients on routine recall who should have been sent a reminder letter from the time of the pause onwards are now being sent their reminder letter.


Please be advised you may have to wait longer than usual for your appointment. This is because there are fewer appointments at GP practices due to the extra measures that are being put in place to keep you and our staff safe.


If you have received a reminder letter, are overdue a smear test or have symptoms causing concern please contact the practice to make an appointment on 01349 863034.

For information on cervical screening please visit:

Age Scotland New Comradeship Scheme for Older Veterans

Age Scotland Comradeship scheme Flyer1

Age Scotland Comradeship Scheme Flyer2

All change with appointments at Dingwall Medical Group

Dr Mack describes what to expect as the Practice adapts to the changes needed as a result of the Covid pandemic.

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland is a new Pharmacy led service which launched today (29th July) replacing the Minor Ailments Service.  You can use NHS Pharmacy First Scotland if you are registered with a GP practice in Scotland or you live in Scotland.

Further information and a patient leaflet can be found via the links below:…/nhs-pharmacy-first-scotland-informa…/


Pharmacy First Scotland

Resumption of Screening Programmes

As screening programmes begin to resume patients should continue to be aware of and act on any symptoms associated with the conditions being screened for.  If you are concerned about symptoms, please contact the Health Centre.

If you have concerns, please call NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88 or contact the appropriate screening centre.

Further information is available on the NHS Inform website:

Face Covering Exemption: Not Everyone Can Wear One

For more information and advice visit:

Face coverings

Social support information during COVID-19 pandemic

Social Support Leaflet

Looking after your wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak



Ear wax management during COVID-19

For advice please visit:…/

3 before GP 

Think 3 before GP

Can you self care?  Consult trusted sources?  Seek the advice of a pharmacist?

3 before GP

Guide to Services

Guide to Services

The NHS is still here for you


Whilst we appreciate all people are doing to help the NHS during this time, it’s vital those with non-coronavirus health concerns still seek help as they would have before the outbreak.

The NHS is here for you, so don’t ignore the warning signs. You are not being a burden, you are looking after yourself and our NHS by doing so.

If you notice a deterioration in your health or someone in your household, call your GP in normal hours, 111 out of hours, or in an emergency dial 999.

Your community pharmacy and your GP are open, please contact them for advice or with concerns.

If you are concerned about a potential sign or symptom of cancer contact your GP practice to get checked.

If you or your child has an immunisation appointment, make sure you attend, or reschedule if you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19.

For further information visit



  • Don’t delay in getting potential cancer signs and symptoms checked during COVID-19 your GP practice is still here for you.
  • It’s probably nothing serious, but it’s best to get checked, as the earlier cancer is found the easier it is to treat.
  • Information on the common signs and symptoms of cancer can be found at

  • NHS screening services for breast, bowel and cervical cancer have been paused during COVID-19 but if you’ve noticed symptoms and are concerned, your GP practice is open and ready to help. Getting checked early is one of the main reasons why more people are surviving cancer.


Fast deteriorating conditions

  • If you or anyone in your household notices a rapid deterioration in their health, seek help immediately.
  • Don’t ignore the early warning signs of serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, severe asthma, or diabetic collapse.
  • The NHS is still here for you.  Call 999 for an emergency or your GP in normal hours and 111 for out of hours support.


Dingwall Medical Group

During COVID-19 we are advising patients to contact the surgery by telephone and our administration staff will take your details and a note of your symptoms. One of our GP’s will then contact you by telephone and review how you are feeling.  They may offer you a video consultation using ‘Near Me’ video consulting or arrange for you to come in if they are unable to complete the consultation during their phone call with you.

For further information about ‘Near Me’ video consulting please visit:

** Immunisations **

It is important to attend immunisation appointments during #COVID19.

To find out more visit:

Imms Social Media

Just Ask Enquiry Line

Just Ask Poster updated

Scottish Government Helpline


A New Government Support Helpline has been set up to provide essential assistance to those who don't have a network of support and are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

The service is aimed at those who are over 70, disabled, require the support of mental health services, are pregnant or receive a flu jab for health reasons.

The service will connect callers to local services which can help provide food and medicine as well as emotional support.

The helpline - 0800 111 4000

Your Mental Health and Coronavirus

For support relating to your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic, please follow the link below

Your Mental Health and Coronavirus

Changes to Access as a result of COVID-19

This GP Practice is currently restricting access for the safety of all patients and staff.  The practice remains open for all essential primary care problems but on the advice of Health Protection Scotland we have put in place a process whereby everyone is screened by telephone prior to being seen. All patients will still have access to the care they require. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. 

Please phone 01349 863034 if you feel you require medical advice and we will call you back. 

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

If you have a new continuous cough and/or a fever, please do not come to the surgery. Please visit the NHS Inform website or call 0800 028 2816 and follow their advice.

Please be aware that for the foreseeable future we have put a temporary suspension on our online booking system.

Thank you from all at Dingwall Medical Group.


Coronavirus Information

For further information and the latest updates on Coronavirus please visit:

Coronavirus Poster

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening

For more information visit:

AAA Screening Poster


Unforgotten Forces Information Leaflet

For more information visit:

Unforgotten Forces Leaflet pg1

Unforgotten Forces Leaflet pg2

Facing redundancy?


Facing redundancy pg1

Facing redundancy pg2

Fair Start Scotland

For further information:


Facebook: @PeoplePlusScotland


Local contact details People Plus

Fair Start Scotland Poster


Donation to Dingwall Medical Group

Donation Jan 2020

Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland is changing

For more information visit:

ELC Entitlement Poster

How does your drinking add up?

For the risks and info visit:

Count14 6 Pints PosterCount14 6 Glasses of wineCount14 7 Double measures of spirits

Digital Maternity Notes (Badgernet)

Badgernet Poster

Student Doctors

Student Doctor Poster

Consultations with Medical Students

Student Doctor Leaflet

The winter vomiting bug - Norovirus

For more information visit:
Norovirus Poster


For more information visit:

Haemochromatosis Poster

Future Pathways

For more information visit:

Future Pathways Poster

Fares4Free - Service for veterans and their families

Please see information below from Unforgotten Forces partner Fares4Free, a fantastic service for veterans and their families


• Co-ordinate and provide free transport for veterans, helping them to combat loneliness and isolation, and providing access to important services.• Can provide transport for any age group for essential reasons - this can cover anything from extreme isolation to health appointments and even assistance getting to benefits assessments, advice services, foodbanks etc...• In short, if the referring partner feels the journey is of an essential nature for a veteran their family, we'll cover it. We are regularly at CAMHS for veterans' children.• Journeys from Inverness, Moray and Aberdeen to Combat Stress or to tribunals in Edinburgh are not unusual either, whether it's a taxi all the way or help connecting at stations.• Coverage includes Inverness, Moray, Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

For more information and any queries:

Phone:07708 299399
Facebook: Fares4free

Here is some useful advice If you have symptoms of a cold

Link to Video: Kaitlyn's Cold

Keep Antibiotics Working

For more information visit:

Antibiotics Poster

British Wireless for the blind fund

For more information visit:

BWBF pg1

BWBF pg2

Leaflet on the Home Meals Service

Home Meals Service Leaflet

My Well-being and me Leaflet

My Well-being and me Leaflet

For further information visit:

HPV vaccine for boys and girls

The HPV vaccine is offered to all pupils in S1 at school, from academic year 2019/20. For more information visit:

HPV vaccine poster

Dingwall Men's Shed

Dingwall Men's Shed

Self-Directed Support



More information can be found at:

Connecting Carers

Connecting Carers Poster

For more information visit:

Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)


For more information visit:

CPDR Poster

Physical Activity for early years (birth - 5 years)


Local Dementia Advisor Information


PeoplePlus: Fair Start Scotland Provider Network


PeoplePlus currently deliver the Fair Start Scotland employment support service across the Highlands & Islands, working alongside other providers, to support individuals into sustainable employment (further information below).

Fair Start Scotland

Trial with The Scottish Ambulance Service


Specialist Paramedics in Rural Health Centres 

Paramedic Poster

Do you have cancer in your family?

Do you have cancer in your family poster

Highland Hospice Wear Yellow Day Amount Raised

Highland Hospice Wear Yellow Day amount raised poster

Text Message Reminder Service

Text Message Reminder Service

Please click the link for the Text Message Opt-in Form.

Text Message Opt-in Form

Spinal Injuries Scotland

Spinal Injuries Scotland

Teen Clinic Highland Sexual Health

Teen Clinic

Do you know the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer symptoms

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening Poster

Alzheimer Scotland

Dementia Advisor

Dementia Advisor2

Local Foster Carers Needed

Fostering Poster

Fostering changes lives Poster

NHS Near Me

NHS Near Me Poster

Inverness Macular Support Group

Macular Support Group Poster

Sepsis Kills.  How to spot it.

Sepsis Kills Poster

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Poster

Scotland's Domestic Abuse Helpline

Safer Scotland Poster

Befrienders Highland

Befrienders Highland Poster

LGBT Helpline Scotland

LGBT Helpline Scotland Poster

Minor Injuries Unit - Ross Memorial Hospital CLOSED

NHS Highland has closed the Minor Injuries Unit at the Ross Memorial Hospital until further notice. 

The Health Centre is not a Minor Injuries Unit.

To access the Minor Injuries Service please call NHS24 on 111. 

In the event of a medical emergency attend Accident & Emergency at Raigmore Hospital. 

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